Training for teachers and facilitators

“It was a sensory delight…my most enjoyable bits being the singing, story and song writing.”

“It exceeded my hopes for the day – the songs and maths being the best.”


Who would training be useful for?

  • INSET and CPD for schools and teachers – especially for those that struggle with music!
  • group facilitators and leaders
  • for music teachers
  • youth group leaders
  • scout leaders
  • forest school leaders
  • nature guides and park wardens
  • outdoor play leaders

Natural Musicians makes for a fantastic trainings – combining creative thinking, team building, leadership, practical woodcraft skills, songwriting techniques, communication, performance skills, listening…its wholistic, creative outdoor learning.


What do the courses cover?

Depending on your needs and “edges to learning” the courses will cover some or all of:

  • how to make simple musical instruments outdoors, usually from wood – scrapers, clave, marimbas, didgeridoos, sistrum, drums, vegetable orchestra…all are possible!
  • how to take the basics of the music curriculum outdoors
  • how to be a composer and write your own musical scores without having to know tablature
  • how patterns in nature can provide inspiration to create pulses, rhythms, melodies, pitch changes, harmonies solo pieces and group compositions
  • ways to help people to write songs, poetry and stories
  • using maths and natural geometries to generate beats, patterns and musical algebra!
  • basic botany – learn how to recognise plant families and identifying features
  • have confidence leading groups in music making

The intention behind the training is to help teachers and their classes, get connected to nature in simple, fun, and engaging ways. The activities are cross-curricular, with the emphasis on music and nature connection, and with the bonus of there being no need to buy instruments and you can have fun with your groups making music whatever the weather!

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The full training will develop your aptitude for making music and enable you to:

  • facilitate five minute ice-breakers and energisers
  • lead solo, duet and ensemble music making activities
  • plan an immersive whole day programme based on natural rhythms
  • compose music and dance pieces inspired by nature and place
  • understand the main elements of music, e.g. harmony, tonality, melody, rhythm, metre and texture
  • learn all the practical skills you need to make simple instruments by hand – click sticks, scrapers, marimbas, systrum – even drums and didgeridoos!
  • encourage people to make music in a way where there is no right and wrong
  • build community and healthy relationships through music
  • link the activities to core national curriculum subjects of literacy, maths and science
  • expand your perceptions of places and peoples
  • explore and express emotions and natural forms in music
  • step up to the edges of your vocal expression and creativity, while doing the same for others
  • take risks as a performer in a safe environment
  • identify and recognise many plant and animal species
  • understand natural flow learning principles and planning techniques
  • understand basic plant taxonomy, plant families and botany
  • discover the mathematics of the harmony of music
  • enjoy the sounds and sights around you in a totally new way

Does it work?

Watch this video to see some of the responses to the activities and training from children and adults.

natural musicians introduction from chris holland on Vimeo.

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