It’s Chris Holland here – the creative director of Natural Musicians and CBBC special guest as ‘The Didgeridoo Man’ on Yolanda’s Band Jam. I’ve been working in the field of environmental education since 2000.

Welcome to the website, and thank you for visiting.

The Natural Musicians are activities, practices, playful rituals and games, usually done outdoors in natural spaces, that bring about connection to and celebration of place, relationships and creation.

Natural Musicians are experiences that were born from the need to enable people to connect with nature and each other in a fun, lyrical, playful way.

To develop heartfelt relationships.

To make music, art and movement, inspired by the world outside and the feelings and stories inside.

Natural Musicians is whole body learning.

The activities and experiences make connections between people and place, awakens the senses, sparks curiosity and draws out the creative spirit… there are so many health benefits and they usually involve a good dose of playfulness and laughter too.

I want there to be a bit more joy and harmony in the world, more respect and connection for the land we all grow from and the Natural Musicians is one way of enabling that.

I am an outdoor educator, musician, publisher and oral storyteller whose book I love my world “is a must for all” according to Michael Morpurgo,  and I have recently been a special guest on Cbeebies playing didgeridoo too.

These activities are some of the fruits of my learning journey so far.

Please watch the video above to get more of an idea of what The Natural Musicians is about or try a sample activity using the further down the page.

I offer:

  • training
  • workshops and school visits
  • family camps, retreats and community events
  • online training courses.

The benefits...

Natural Musicians activities are for all ages and can promote:

  • Mental and physical health

  • Connection to nature

  • Creative thinking and expression

  • Inclusion

  • Joy and wonder

  • Harmony with nature

The Natural Musicians activities are for:

  • School visits

  • Weekly sessions,

  • Day workshops

  • Teambuilding events

  • For events and festivals

  • Training –  both person to person and online.

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