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My name is Chris Holland…the creative director of Natural Musicians.

I am a forest school leader, musician, publisher and have been a special guest on Cbeebies playing didgeridoo too.

Welcome to the website, and thank you for visiting

The main aims of Natural Musicians is to develop connection, creativity, harmony, health and musicality.

I offer:

  • face to face training and camps

  • workshops and school visits

  • community events

  • online training.

Please watch the video above to get a bit more of an idea of what Natural Musicians is about… and why not try the sample activity below too while you are here.


The benefits...

Natural Musicians activities are for all ages and can promote:

  • Mental and physical health

  • Connection to nature

  • Creative thinking and expression

  • Inclusion 

  • Joy and wonder

  • Harmony with nature

The Natural Musicians activities are for:

  • School visits

  • Weekly sessions, 

  • Day workshops

  • Teambuilding events

  • For events and festivals

  • Training –  both person to person and online.