The Natural Musicians model has a lot to offer musical youth: Make music then make instruments!

  • Totally accessible, fresh and natural tool for encouraging musical self expression
  • Provides a way for non academic musicians to creatively compose, write and collaborate in music without using traditional written notation
  • All compositions are then easily transcribes into the digital world using garageband (on a mac)
  • Learn to make simple musical instruments like marimbas, didgeridoos, drums and other percussive instruments from local coppiced wood gives young people some of the life skills needed to help the into employment or entrepreneurship.
  • Time in Nature often has a beneficial and grounding effect on people, helping them to be more themselves and natural expressive.
  • Develops community with place and people

I have already worked with Cornwall Youth Orchestra, The Project (Axminster), and the First Federation of Schools. I want to work with more!

  • Creative outdoor learning, enrichment and intervention for KS3-4
  • working with youth orchestras
  • summer camps for creative collaborations
  • arts weeks for KS3 and 4

Here is a video from a project with some year 6 children in Wiltshire:


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