“It was a sensory delight…my most enjoyable bits being the singing, story and song writing.”

"Dear Chris, Where to start...The day with you was so positive, with just the right balance of activity and input. I loved the combination of story-telling, music-making and practical work, giving all involved the opportunity to use, practise and develop such a wide range of skills. You are an exceptional facilitator, and teacher, and I am in awe of your creativity. Very many thanks for delivering such a stimulating, thought provoking course."

Lee Ryman, Headteacher, The Treehouse School Tweet

“Hi Chris
I’m a psychotherapist and am just starting to work with children and adults in natural environments in London.  I’ve just had an amazing pilot session with 9 children from Kids Company in a south London park, they loved the day and it was really exciting for me as a practitioner to see how rich the potential is to work therapeutically outdoors. I’m writing with a thank you as I used several of the activities that I learned from you at your workshop during the IOL conference in February.  At the end of the day they were singing and harmonising ‘When I was a walking…’ on the way back to the minibus. Big thanks and warm regards”