Re-thinking the way music is taught, with inspiration from Nature

Where music, nature, creative thinking and interactive performance meet.








My name is Chris Holland. I am an environmental educator, artist, author and didgeridoo player. I am passionate about nature, mentoring and making learning playful, ‘edge stretching’ and outdoor based. I want to introduce you to the natural musicians – a revolutionary, playful and simple process that connects people to nature, each other and their own creative capabilities.

I am taking people outside and changing the way music is taught, while re-connecting them with nature. 

I take groups of people and guide them to seek out and select real and imagined sounds from nature. Then, using a variety of voice, body percussion and found instruments (sticks, bushes…).  I help them to weave their own sounds into compositions, for performing to the group, or with the group. For a moment we step into a harmony of people and place. Scientifically the whole universe is vibration. Making spontaneous music inspired by the place is very connecting. It helps us become present. And that is a true gift!

 “If you look deep enough you will see music; the heart of nature being everywhere music” – Thomas Carlyle

The Activities are a combination of the interpretation of form & patterns in Nature, composition, analysis and the creative expression of sound & movement.The Natural Musicians connects people to place, each other and their own inventive capacities.

The Method: working and performing alone, in pairs or larger groups and ensembles

The Applications: excellent cross curricular activities for schools, for team building and icebreakers, community building and interactive performance.

The Benefits:

  • Being present.
  • People learning about themselves, each other and the environment they are in
  • Connecting with nature improve memory performance and attention span by 20%
  • NO rules creative licence means unlimited potential
  • Learn new facilitation, leadership and performance skills
  • Music and laughter brings people’s minds and hearts together
  • Being in nature – more freedom to express and music helps people express the inexpressible
  • Develops a sense of harmony and rhythm with nature, and thus a caring attitude….
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