About Chris

I am an environmental educator, author, a playful trainer, storyteller and keynote speaker, didgeridoo player, bushcraft teacher, wild swimmer, forest school leader, barefoot walker and land artist…and also a family man with a wife and three children. I received an honours degree in Environmental Science in 1992 and since then have been exploring education as a way to help myself and other live lightly on this lovely planet we are lucky enough to be living on.

I produced Fundijeri, my first didgeridoo album, in 2000. Since 2001 I have been self employed making a living from reminding people that we are part of the land, the nature we live among. I published my first book, I LOVE MY WORLD in 2009 and devised THE NATURAL MUSICIANS system in 2012

So what do I do? I cultivate the connections people have with nature, each other and themselves. I am also passionate about helping teachers take learning outside and making it playful and “edge stretching”.

I take classes of children outdoors, train and mentor teachers in nature connection and natural flow learning. I run a wild school for home educating families. I run bushcraft and outdoor play camps for families, away days and team building for corporate groups, lead foraging events and stag do’s. I tell stories and play music round camp fires, enjoy sneaking games, teaching skills and crafts in the woods.

I have also written and self-published a best selling nature connection guidebook that is considered “a must for all” by Children’s laureate Michael Morpurgo. It has sold over 5000 copies.

I try to get the right balance between work, family time and personal time. I love it when someone lights up as they experience something wonderful. Birdsong lifts my heart and widens my perception. I am grateful when morning sun warms my skin and for the many gifts a day brings.