HI, Chris Holland here, the creator of the Natural Musicians project.

The Natural Musicians is a new set of activities and games that uses found natural objects and visible patterns to create, compose and perform music using voice, body percussion and found sounds – which can then be transposed onto musical instruments.

I developed the activities through a combination of teaching didgeridoo, working with circle/council and my deep love for and interest in nature.

I am a playful environmental educator, musician and storyteller whose love of music, nature and creative outdoor learning has led to the creation of this fun learning system that has a huge range of applications – for creative cross curricular learning and training in schools, for community and team building for organisations, as a composition tool for orchestras, as an interactive performance for festivals and shows, and as a person way to explore creativity and connection.

The Natural Musicians activities help develop creative thinking, a closer community between people and nature

Having spent most of their evolution outside, humans are now spending more time inside buildings than in Nature. Natural Musicians activities help remind us we are part of nature and that we can find community and harmony outdoors too!

I hope you enjoy exploring this site, and I look forward to hearing from you soon,